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About the Artist

Michelle Miller

Award-Winning International Artist and Distinguished Instructor

“I don’t remember when I did not paint. I’ve always painted. I always will.”

Although Miller earned a BFA in visual arts with a triple major in painting, drawing and printmaking, as well as a BA in art history, her art education began long before her university years. Michelle’s mother was a Sunday painter who taught her daughter to trust and follow her creative instincts.

“That self-trust,” she says, “is likely the most important lesson I have ever learned in art-making as well as life. When you trust yourself, you know you can always figure it out. It’s all about problem-solving.”

“University was great for opening my eyes to possibilities. But the real education was in the experimentation and honing of my skills after I graduated.”

Hand and paint brush of Michelle Miller, abstract artist in Victoria, BC
Miller considers herself an abstract painter but she effortlessly crosses boundaries and works just as confidently in other genres. Ultimately, there is a connection to nature and organic forms in all of her work but also a depth that only comes with experience of the craft, and with life.

“I am interested in the concepts of light and time and in my world, they are the same. I often try to capture the depth as if it were polyphonic music in visual form where there is no end, no beginning, just layers upon layers. I do build my work gradually and it changes dramatically. This is the part that helps to give it that depth as if it holds secrets underneath.”

“Painting must come from the heart for it to be rich,” she says. “However, it must also have critical thought. The visceral and cerebral need to work in tandem to find balance.”

Michelle works from her studio at home in Victoria BC Canada. When not in the studio, she is traveling to Europe to explore and teach art excursions, reading lots of books, or simply enjoying time with friends and family.

Miller has exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Asia. Her works are part of private collections throughout the world.

As an art instructor, Miller relishes helping people develop and discover who they are by finding their authentic voice in art. Having established a unique approach toward teaching art, with over 20 years of experience, Miller has earned her title as the most sought-after art teacher for all ages.

“I want to touch the world where matter does not matter, where shapes are not things, where mere elements simply exist perfectly within their imperfection.”

Michelle Miller – Abstract Painter

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