Teen Classes Ages 13 – 19

Wednesdays 3:30 – 5:00
4 classes $225, includes all materials
maximum 8 students

This is an exclusive class, starting October 2018, for keen young artists ages 13 – 19 and the only class I teach from my own studio at home.

Priority is given to students who register for the entire season.

My approach to teaching teens is first to help the children discover their own voices through their unique expression of art by exposing them to a multitude of styles, genres and media.  Projects are often based on historical art movements and we discuss them, practice techniques, understand the place of that movement in history and then create our own work based on the learning.  

Secondly, I want the students to have a sense of a non – competitive environment where there is no race to complete a project each class. Teens have a significant amount of pressure in their busy school lives and creativity does not blossom with pressure.  I keep the class small to a max of only 8 students so I can properly guide and support each student.

As an artist of abstraction and many other styles, the one continuity within all of my work is the application of the personal.  For instance, when I paint or draw a figure, the figure is stylized to be evocative and not merely technical bravado.  The students are taught the basics of proportion, perspective, colour etc., but the goal is to expand upon technical perfection and truly make their imagery their own.  I also ask that the student find their own connection to the project at hand.  To do this, we often write words in our sketchbook. Using the sketchbook as a journal as well as for their visual ideas, thoughts are unravelled and clarity in their art is focused.  Once this is done, we are ready to approach the art on a canvas or different surface.

Indeed, I teach exactly the way I myself approach art.


Email Michelle for details at workshops@michelle-miller.com.

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